Staff Performance Management

Performance Management

  • Review the Performance Management Cycle (pdf - 26.7 KB) and the Performance Management Policy
  • Make sure you have an approved Work Plan in the AppState Jobs System.
    • You will need at least one (1) Expectation for each Functional Competency in the Annual Work Plan
  • Once you have the work plan approved by the employee in the system, then you are ready for the year end review in June.
  • Overall Performance rating is subjective based on performance results of the Expectations 
    • Scale stays the same:
      • Outstanding,
      • Very Good,
      • Good,
      • Below Good,
      • Unsatisfactory

Work Plan Process

  • Work Plans should be developed as a collaborative effort between the manager and employee.
  • The manager will then enter the Work Plan in AppState Jobs and electronically submit it to Employee for review
  • Employee will electronically “sign” the Work Plan thereby returning it to Manager.
  • Work Plans may be updated as needed through the cycle.

Performance Management Process

  • Manager and Employee will meet 1-on-1 to discuss Performance Review
  • Manager will electronically submit the Performance appraisal to the Employee for review
  • Employee will electronically “sign” acknowledgement that they have met with their manager to discuss performance.
  • Performance Appraisals will be reviewed and approved by the 2nd Level Manager & HR who will look for rating consistency, objective assessment, substantive explanations

Guidelines for Supervisors to complete performance evaluations.

For additional information, please read view the Performance Management Frequently Asked Questions section of this site.

Questions? E-mail the Career Development Group.