Professional Development

Our goal is to offer a wide-range of training & development opportunities designed to equip all Appalachian staff members with the personal and professional skills and knowledge necessary to increase efficient and effective job performance.

We strive to effectively promote a campus-culture that:

  • empowers staff members to take ownership of their career development,
  • values learning and development for all staff members by encouraging and supporting their participation in personal and professional development opportunities, and
  • leverages learning and development opportunities to deliver exceptional job performance and quality customer service.


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The William C. Hubbard Center for Faculty Development offers faculty a wide variety of services and programs that support professional growth and development.


Training Room Facilities Policies and Procedures

The Office of Human Resources Training Room Facilities provides a training/meeting room that may be scheduled for University Administrative, faculty, and staff functions.

Available hours of use are Monday-Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm.

Functions held for Human Resources have priority.

Please Note:

  • Parking is available at University Hall for organizer and all attending parties.
  • Anyone needing handicap accessibility to the Training Room will need to park in the lower parking lot and enter through the double doors.
  • If attending parties need to handle any business with Human Resources staff during their time at the Human Resources building they should make an appointment prior to the day of the event.
  • The organizer of the event should keep a roster of the attendees for the event and turn into the receptionist prior to their departure.
  • The training room will accommodate up to 25 attendees.
  • The organizer of the event is responsible for setting the room (tables and chairs) to meet required arrangements for their event.
  • AV equipment is available if at least one member of your group has completed training with a Human Resources staff member.
  • Completion of the request form does not ensure room availability or event approval.A minimum of 30 minutes is required between events.
  • The Office of Human Resources reserves the right to cancel or reschedule an event due to the Office of Human Resources needs.
  • Events may not be scheduled on days or at times the Office of Human Resources is closed.Scheduling of events should start 30 minutes after the Office of Human Resources has opened and end 30 before closing.
  • Reserving party/organizer of the event is responsible for cleaning up after the event has concluded.
  • Possession or use of alcoholic beverages on University property is prohibited, unless specifically approved in writing by the Chancellor or the Chancellor's designee.
  • The facility includes a Star Board, computer (Windows), projector and BlueRay player. Connections exist for the use of your own laptop. The use of any of this equipment requires prior training by authorized Human Resources personnel.

If your request includes food at the function, a responsible party to provide clean-up must be given.

Scheduling groups are required to:

  • Clean up spills
  • Clean up trash
  • Return food service utensils to their carts, leave the carts in an unobstructed location

Vending is also available on site on the lower level along with the training room.

There is no fee to use the training/ meeting space.

Cancellation of room use should be requested within 24 hours of scheduled time of event.

Restrooms are located directly across the hall from the training room entrance doors.

Violations of room use policy with regard to capacity, entrance of attendees, and clean-up will result in the group not be able to use the room for future events.

Please complete the Scheduling Request Form to request booking. The completion of this form does not insure room availability or event approval. PLEASE DO NOT ADVERTISE YOUR EVENT UNTIL YOU HAVE A CONFIRMATION IN HAND! Confirmation should be received within 48 hours.