Temporary Employment - SPA and EPA-NF

Prospective Temporary Employee

The role of a temporary employee is critical to the day-to-day operation of the University and also provides valuable hands-on experience. Temporary staff fills in during peak or seasonal time periods, and on special projects. Needs can vary from part-time to full-time hours; and appointments can be short term or up to twelve (12) months. View How to Apply for more information. An online application is required for entry into our Temp Pool. For assistance with your application, or for computer access locations, see the list on the left side of this page.

If you're seeking temporary employment, please complete an online application at www.jobs.appstate.edu. Click "Search Postings" and apply your application to the "Temporary Pool" postings indicated.

You must meet the required qualifications and be available to work the required schedule. As departments have temporary needs they will be given access to view these applications and will call qualified applicants for an interview.
Applications will remain "active" in the Temporary Pools for up to three (3) months. Applicants MUST reapply after three (3) months if still interested in temporary employment.

Please Note: Temporary employees are paid bi-weekly on an hourly basis and do not receive benefits.

For further information e-mail employment@appstate.edu or call (828) 262-3186.

Note - Supervisors needing to hire a temporary will need to visit this page.